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We were so excited to see this flat bed truck filled with cardboard! "Wow Mommy. Look at that big truck!" came loud and clear from the back seat of the car. Then, from the right drove by this huge recycling truck.

"What is that, Mommy?" Hmmm. How do I explain recycling? I said, "When we drop off all the boxes and newspapers at school, they recycle them; they use it again. They pick it up. They drive it to a big building with special machines. They smush it all together. Then, they make it into new paper and new boxes." As an FYI, one of the ways his school fund raises is by recycling.

I made it a learning moment. Although, I'm not exactly sure how much he learned, it was fun. I think the huge truck packed 3 levels high was more exciting than my explanation. Just a funny Mommy moment. Do you have any stories you'd care to share about any quick "drive by" lesson? Do you have a lesson in recycling?

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