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Unstoppable Parenting Affirmation, #lovemykids

Daily Affirmations & Manifestation

A daily affirmation can uplift you and increase your positivity.  They can be done as a family or individually.  There are many other historical Daily Affirmations available below as well.  
Feel free to repeat them daily as mantras for things or attitudes you wish to manifest in your life.


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Children & Affirmations

There is more information on Children & Affirmations on this website.

Parents: “It is a privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. 
And that’s enough.” – Viola Davis
Kids: I really like me.  I don’t need to try to be someone else. 
I’m great just the way I am.
Affirmation, Quote - Privilege Being You
Privilege Being You Affirmation


Parents: Although I am tired, I choose to rise positively.  Today will be filled with goodness.
Kids: When I look for good things, I find them.
Choose Positive Affirmation
Choose Positive Affirmation
Parents: On the ladder of difficulty, I may be on the bottom, but when I reach the top, there’s gonna be one heck of a view! 
Kids: I can climb high & never quit!  I’m a winner!
Climbing Affirmation
Climbing Affirmation
Parents: Change is a growth challenge.  I am stronger and wiser with each and every change.  I embrace change.
Kids: I can grow & be stronger with each change in my life.
Embrace Change Affirmation
Embrace Change Affirmation
Parents: Self-care is loving myself enought to not feel responsible for others. 
I am celebrating the person responsible for herself.
Kids: I am responsible for my own actions, not anyone elses’s.
Self-care, affirmation
Self-care Affirmation


Me Time Affirmation

Me Time Affirmation
Unstoppable Parenting Affirmation, #lovemykids
Unstoppable Parenting Affirmation
affirmation, quote, positivity, positive, parenting
I Am Great Affirmation
Love Myself Affirmation, affirmation, quote, positivity, positive, parenting
Love Myself Affirmation
Enjoy Every Day
Enjoy Every Day Affirmation
Positive Energy Affirmation, affirmation, quote, positivity, positive, parenting, self care
Positive Energy Affirmation


I make time for me.
I refresh my mind, body, and soul.
“Me time” makes me whole.
My Children help me be stronger, braver, 
More Capable, And More flexible.
I am Unstoppable.
I am more than a test grade.
I am more than a number.
I am one of a kind great!
I compliment myself daily.
I love the goodness within.
I learn to love myself more.
I remember to enjoy a part of every day.
Today only happens once.
I choose the energy in my presence.
I say yes to love.
I say no to darkness.
I can say goodbye.
Parent: I can be anything because I am everything.
Kids: I am perfect as I am. All I need is in me.
Parent: My vulnerability is my strength.
Kids: I am brave every day. I feel the fear and do it anyway.
Parent:I am thorough and thoughtful of my needs in life.
Kids:I am smart. I make good choices. 
Just Imagine. I use my imagination to feel free. My mind has no limits.
Parent :I take time to enjoy my life. Fun re-energizes me.
Kids: Alone or with friends I have fun.
Parent: I am thankful for my pets. They teach me unconditional love.
Kids: Animals are special gifts.
Parent: I love my body. I love my face, my toes & everything in between.
Kids: My body is beautiful always.
Parent: I breathe in deep, hold & exhale slowly. This helps me focus.
Kids: I breathe in & out to relax.
Parent: Doors close & open.The perfect door opens for me at the perfect time.
Kids: Tomorrow will be great.
Parent: The world may be in chaos. However, I control my thoughts.
Kids: I choose to think good thoughts.
Parent: My mind is strong. I share my mental gifts with the world.
Kids:My thoughts are special.
Affirmation-Parent: Every emotion is a gift. My feelings are paramount to my growth.
Kids: All my feelings are normal.
Parent: I have an amazingly life filled with possibility. Doors open for me.
Kids: My future is bright.
Parent: I give of myself freely. I don’t expect anything in return.
Kids: The greatest gift I can give is me.
Parent: I am fully capable of working through my pain. Pain is temporary.
Kids: Love is forever.
Parent:I seek love; I receive love. Love is abundant.
Kids:I am open to all kinds of love.
Parent: I am grateful for what I have. Ithink of my gifts in this moment.
Kids: I see gifts in everyday life.
Parent: I am not an accident. I was created for greatness.
Kids: I am a gift to the world.
Parent: I am a transforming caterpillar. I welcome change.
Kids: I am a butterfly ready to fly.
Parent: I breathe out stress & breathe in peace. It is getting easier to let go.
Kids: Breathing relaxes me.
Parent: Music fills my soul. It soothes me. Helps me to let go and enjoy.
Kids: It’s fun to sing and dance.
Parent: My friendships nurture me and help me grow.
Kids: I’m thankful for a good friend.
Parent: I am grateful for all lessons I’ve learned on life’s journey.
Kids: I’m learning from my life.
Parent: Nature strengthens me.Today, I am one with any nature that surrounds me.
Kids: I feel good outdoors.
Parent: I am calm and serene.
Kids: Peaceful thoughts fill my mind.
Parent: I am free to speak my mind. I speak because I have a voice.
Kids: my thoughts are valuable.
Parent: After the darkest moment comes the brightest rainbow.
Kids: My future is bright.
Parent: I am perfect in my imperfections.
Kids: I love myself just as I am.
Parent: I set the past aside. I welcome new beginnings.
Kids: I’m happy to try new things.
Parents: Beauty is within. Today, I am gorgeous. I share my beauty with the world.
Kids: I am beautiful.
Parent: I am aware of love from within & around me. I receive love openly.
Kids: I feel loved. Love feels good.
Parent: I am thankful for rain or shine; they bring life; my needs are met.
Kids: It’s a beautiful day.
Parent: I see a beautiful me exactly as I am.
Kids: I am special; I’m beautiful.
Parent: I choose to believe in all of me; I am limitless.
Kids: I can do anything.
Parent: Today I choose to be filled with love, peace & happiness.
Kids: I am great today, so today is great.
Parent: My dreams are beautiful & achievable. I believe in me.
Kids: If I dream it, I can do it.
Parent: Appreciate self-limits. They bring focus to my day.
Kids: I can do one thing really great today.
Parent: I can accomplish great things; I need only set my mind to the task.
Kids: I think I can. I know I can. I can do it.
Parent: Change makes me stronger than I ever thought possible. I learn through change.
Kids: I enjoy new things in my life.
Parent: I welcome change; it provides me an opportunity for growth.
Kids:I learn new things because of change; it can be fun.
Parent: My joy is contagious. When I smile, the world smiles back at me.
Kids: My smile lights up the room.
Parent: All the strength I need to face life is within me every single moment of the day.
Kids: I am strong inside and out.
Parent: I choose to focus on & am greatful for all the goodness and prosperity in my life.
Kids: Today is a great & beautiful day.
Parent: I am full of love.
Kids: I am Love.
Parent: All the peace I desire is within; I have only to breathe.
Kids: When I breathe, I feel peace/calm.
Parent: I am fully capable of everything.
Kids: I can do anything.
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