Children & Affirmations

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One of my passions is to encourage children of all ages to believe in themselves. If they believe in themselves and that they are capable of anything, then they truly will be capable of anything and everything. If all the children of the world could be loved more AND be taught to love themselves more, this world would be a better place. I have just started on the journey of positive affirmations with children and their parents. Yet, I have already seen a difference. I would like to make this a page where you can turn to as a simple guide to help your children see themselves in all their glory.

To start, you may want to just speak these affirmations out loud with as much belief as you can. As you begin to feel more comfortable, I strongly recommend you consider doing this in front of a small handheld mirror. Talking to yourself in front of a handheld mirror makes it more intimate, scary, and more real. There is no stronger message you can give your child, by showing them that loving themselves is acceptable, than when he/she sees Mommy/Daddy loving themselves, proactively. You will not only be teaching him/her that it’s okay, but more importantly, that he/she is expected to do so.
When is the perfect time to do this? Anytime that is right for you and your family is the perfect time. A patient’s mother has started doing this at bedtime with her child. You may also choose to do this at the start of the day. Keep in mind that you may not be able to do this every single day. It is a goal, not a requirement.
Please try it; you might like it. In my case, my child loves it. He is teaching me how to love myself more, as he boldly shows me by example that it is not only okay to love yourself, but it is easy if you just try. A mirror is just another toy for a child. It is nothing to fear. Just simple fun. It is we, as adults, that have given mirrors a different meaning.
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