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This past weekend my family had a great time at Sea World in Orlando. We focused mainly on the kids’ section, Shamu’s Happy Harbor.  It’s really great. I highly recommend it.

In particular, I noticed that the way I “do” parks has definitely changed since becoming a mom. No longer do I feel the need to “do it all” in a day. In addition, I’m okay with not going on every ride. I’m more than okay with going for only a few hours. It’s more relaxing to just enjoy it.

Not to mention, I have fun staying in one section alone. We spent over an hour in the “Net Climb” section of Shamu’s Happy Harbor at Sea World in Orlando. We genuinely enjoyed being kids again. I’m sure our son enjoys it this way too. Having his parents climb through tunnels and on nets is super fun and special.

While I was watching my 6’4″ husband net climb & tunnel crawl, at least 4 stories up in the air, I thought to myself, ‘Wow … I never imagined seeing this!’

Then, I thought about how much all of us do, so differently as parents, as compared to our lives before children. Do you notice it too? Granted, your days may not be filled with your husband singing Chipmunks tunes at random hours of the day, when your child is no where near. And you may not have a husband that is addicted to the new adventures of “The Fresh Beat Band.” However, you surely have your own stories of parental life. I’d love to hear them.

As an “FYI”, we used our Fun Card. For the price of a one day ticket, purchased almost a year ago, we were able to enjoy Sea World for an additional 2 days for free. You can’t beat that. Deals are great. But quality time is what it’s all about; the bonus was that this time it was at Sea World in Orlando.

Update: December 15, 2018

Shamu’s Happy Harbor is currently closed & will reopen in 2019, remodeled as a Sesame Street themed land.   The Sea Carousel is still accessible.. However, the large net climb structure, Water Works, and Fun Ship are slated for removal.  The Seven Seas Railway, Shamu Express, Flying Fiddler, Jazzy Jellies, Ocean Commotion, Sea Carousel, and Swishie Fishies will survive, although relocated, liley with new theme & layout.  New rides, new buildings & the entire area is upposedly going to look like Sesame Street.  I have to wonder if there will be a Sesame Street themed net climb area, as there is a similar one in Busch Gardens, their sister park in Tampa, Florida.  While I will miss my memories, I look forward to improvements & new activites!

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