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Okay, so I admit it. I have an addiction to Disney Cars & Cars 2 toys. My husband has told me, "You know you have a problem." My response continues to be, "Yes, I know. I started buying them for him. But I can't help it, I love them too. At least we play with them, not just collect them."

This started with the Disney Cars movie toys & now has progressed with the Cars 2 toys. The toys in the picture are Siddely Spy Jet, Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissle & Stephenson Spy Train. (Yes, I've memorized their names.) These toys bring out such creativity in our son. Oh, the stories he tells. He doesn't just repeat the storyline. He creates new adventures for the characters to play out. He uses unique voices for each of them. And I get to play along too. How can I resist?

In the latest creative play, our son has dubbed himself "Finn McMissle", my husband as "Professor Z", and me? ... I'm "Holley Shiftwell," of course. It's incredible fun. Professor Z always seems to be out to get Finn & Holley. Miraculously, we usually escape without a scratch. Occasionally, we (by we, I mean the cars we hold & our literal bodies) "crash" on the floor. During creative play, my son & I have British accents. And my husband? Well, I think it's a German accent, not quite sure.

In a world where structured play is lauded, creative play is needed too. The American Academy of Pediatrics and many other pediatric institutions recommend unstructured creative play. The benefits of creative play include family bonding, children's ability to control their environment, decision making, leadership roles, freedom of expression, and relaxation. The parent can often learn more about their child's needs during creative play. This ultimately will help children in their adult life. So much is accomplished with creative play. Best of all, it is fun!

For more information regarding the multiple benefits of creative play, please read more at http://bit.ly/r8W0HQ.

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