Grateful - Gratitude Journal

An old high school friend had started a Grateful/Gratitude Journal.  This was probably two years ago.  She had survived a car accident.  She went through a lot as a result of that accident.  So, she started a Grateful Journal. She actually did it with her son.  I always thought it was a wonderful thing to do, but had never made the time to do it myself.  However, my friend's active journal writing never left my mind.
Then, last night, I watched an old Oprah's Lifeclass episode. It was titled "Mastering the Art of Gratitude." It was an old one that I hadn't had the time to watch, but had saved on my DVR.  As I watched Tony Robbins talking to the Oprah audience, I closed my eyes and did as he recommended.  I remembered things in my past that made me happy, proud, and grateful.   Something as simple as lying down on the carpet of my new home, doing snow angels.  It was a silly moment with my husband.  We were happy in our new and unfurnished living room.  I hadn't though about that moment that occurred 12 years ago, in a long, long time. 
Then, I felt a shift.  What if I do start a grateful journal?  How much time can it really take to right a list of a few things I am grateful for each day?  I think the positive energy will only serve to benefit my life and those around me.  So, at last, last night, I started a Gratitude Journal.  Already, the contemplative time left me more peaceful last night.  
There are also some apps titled Grateful Journal that are easy to use.  I might eventually just do it electronically.  Until then, I'll do it the old-fashioned way; I'll handwrite it.  And I may even start doing it with my son too.  However, I'm going to enjoy that as some special "me" time, for now.
As of this moment, I am grateful for that high school friend who shared a special moment in her life, that brought me to the Grateful Journal writing today; gratitude is contagious.
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