Postpartum Depression

postpartum depressionRecently, I became a mother once again.  Once again, this baby had severe reflux.  Once again, our life was turned upside down.  Yes, a new baby will do that.  A sick new baby that cries and writhes in pain for hours and hours on end will do that big time.
I am grateful, very grateful for another healthy baby.  It's just hard, really, really hard to recover from a c-section, help a baby in pain & still be a mother to another child.  After all, the world keeps spinning; homework needs to be done and the home still needs upkeep.
Hormonally, I was also emotional. I was feeling sad at what was & sad at what is now.  Yet, I was grateful.  And I was keenly aware that it would all get better.   In fact, it would be better than before. So, why did I still get moments of sadness?  Suddenly, it dawned on me that once again, I had the Baby Blues.  I had it after the birth of my son.  It lasted about 3 weeks before I improved.  And I  finally returned to "me" at 6 weeks postpartum.  It may not seem like a long time.  However, when your mind is stuck in a trap, it feels never-ending.  Support of family and friends has been critical to my sanity.  Without it, I'd suffer so much more.  So, here's a big thank you to all who have helped in many little and big ways.
This is just a reminder to all new moms and dads to be aware of the Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression & even the not-so-common Postpartum Psychosis.  The Baby Blues typically last about 1-2 weeks and start within the first few days after delivery. Postpartum Depression typically lasts longer than 3 weeks.  Also, Postpartum Depression may not start immediately after birth; it and can start anywhere from 6-12 months after delivery.
Be watchful of the signs of Postpartum Depression.  If you or the new mom is showing any signs of depression, loss of appetite, or difficulty sleeping even when baby us asleep, consider discussing it with her OB/GYN or her regular doctor. There is help available.  Also get help from those around you. Meals, kind words & reassurance can make a big difference.
For more information about Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression, including signs and symptoms and available treatment options, please go to http://bit.ly/Qc9wj5.

Daddy Helps Mommy: Pre-K Homework

Well, here is an honest moment for all of you mothers out there.  I needed help with our son's Pre-K homework.  Turns out this Super-Mom doesn't know it all after all.
We were almost done with his homework.  The last task was really lots of fun.  It involved cutting and pasting items that rhymed.  Should've been easy as there were only 10 items.  Only one problem, I needed help with 4 out of the 10!  I quickly thought, 'I'm stumped.  I can't believe it.  This is hard.'  Looks like I'll fail if they ever come up with a show titled, "Are You Smarter than a PreK'r?"
The 4 items were pictures of a net, airplane, the number 10, and a chicken ... or so a thought.  Clearly, they don't rhyme.  At the same time, my husband was on an important conference call.  I thought, this will stump him, but I've just got to know the answer to this.  And at least I won't be the only one stumped. Plus, if he's on the phone, he'll never be able to figure it out & I won't look and feel so bad.

Here's the problem, my husband knew the answers!  When I asked him, "How do these rhyme with "net" and "10", he said "jet" and "hen" in a millisecond!  Wow!  I married a genius ... or wait ... is it that I'm now the "slow" one?  How did he do that, while he was busy on the phone?  All I know is, he looks a lot smarter to me.  And now I know I need help with Pre-K homework.  Very humbling moment indeed.  Kudos to all the single parents out there that figure it all out on their own!  You're amazing!  And Daddy, thanks for helping me with our son's homework, you're the best 🙂

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