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An old high school friend had started a Grateful/Gratitude Journal.  This was probably two years ago.  She had survived a car accident.  She went through a lot as a result of that accident.  So, she started a Grateful Journal. She actually did it with her son.  I always thought it was a wonderful thing to do, but had never made the time to do it myself.  However, my friend's active journal writing never left my mind.
Then, last night, I watched an old Oprah's Lifeclass episode. It was titled "Mastering the Art of Gratitude." It was an old one that I hadn't had the time to watch, but had saved on my DVR.  As I watched Tony Robbins talking to the Oprah audience, I closed my eyes and did as he recommended.  I remembered things in my past that made me happy, proud, and grateful.   Something as simple as lying down on the carpet of my new home, doing snow angels.  It was a silly moment with my husband.  We were happy in our new and unfurnished living room.  I hadn't though about that moment that occurred 12 years ago, in a long, long time. 
Then, I felt a shift.  What if I do start a grateful journal?  How much time can it really take to right a list of a few things I am grateful for each day?  I think the positive energy will only serve to benefit my life and those around me.  So, at last, last night, I started a Gratitude Journal.  Already, the contemplative time left me more peaceful last night.  
There are also some apps titled Grateful Journal that are easy to use.  I might eventually just do it electronically.  Until then, I'll do it the old-fashioned way; I'll handwrite it.  And I may even start doing it with my son too.  However, I'm going to enjoy that as some special "me" time, for now.
As of this moment, I am grateful for that high school friend who shared a special moment in her life, that brought me to the Grateful Journal writing today; gratitude is contagious.

Grateful Affirmation


Grateful for Music in the Car

Grateful for Music

Today, I had yet another long commute to work.  But today, all the right songs came on the radio.  It made the ride so much more fun than usual.  I was listening to some fun dance music from the '80s and '90s.  I'm sure other drivers thought I was insane as I danced and sang the whole way to work.  

Some days, when the simplest thing goes your way, all the other crazy unpredictable moments become okay. Today, I'm grateful for music.  It reminds me to enjoy the little things - that even a long, lonely car ride can be fun.
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