ADHD Medication | Heart Problem Risk?

Today, the New England Journal of Medicine published the results of a study that showed there is no increased risk of serious heart problems in children and young adults who take medication to treat ADHD.

This study was a large retrospective study which reviewed the medical records from four health plans of 1.2 million children and young adults from ages 2 to 24 years old.  This study evaluated the frequency of sudden cardiac death, heart attack and stroke in those treated with ADHD medication versus those not treated with ADHD medication.  Those with a history of heart problems were not included in this study. The FDA sponosored this study, as they wanted more information regarding the potential side effect of sudden death that had been previously reported with ADHD medication.  Funding for this study was obtained by two agencies in the Department of Health and Human Services.
It is reasuring that there is no increased risk of ADHD medications associated with sudden cardiac death, heart attck, and stroke.  However, parents should still make informed decisions regarding their child's medications and their health with their child's doctors. And as with any chronic medication, ADHD medicaions should be monitored by their doctor.

If you you would like to learn more about ADHD, starting with an answer to the common question, "What is ADHD?, please go to http://bit.ly/um63SP.

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  1. Marjorie says:

    There are so many treatments for ADHD that has been formulated. Medication is an option but I am not likely to approve that much on chemical medications. I know you can find that treatment that will suit your needs.

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