Fun Affirmation

I nurture the child in me.  I choose to have fun.  I play.  I live happily.

Fun Affirmation

Fun Affirmation:

I nurture the child in me.

I choose to have fun.

I play.

I live happily.


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Fun Affirmation

Fun Affirmation

Fun Affirmation


Alvin & the Chipmunks | Simple Fun

I'm enjoying this movie on DVD with my son.  It's an oldie and a goodie. Testing mobile blogging at the same time. I snapped a picture of Alvin taking a shower in Dave's dish washer.  Note: Alvin was waiting for the rinse cycle when Dave unexpectedly opened the door. 

My son imitates the Chipmunk voices really, really well.  Such simple fun. It's great to laugh!


Thanks After Thanksgiving

What was I thankful for this Thanksgiving?
This Thanksgiving was a rare chance to spend time with my husband's entire family.  Everyone's lives are so busy, it's almost impossible to get everyone in the same place for a day.  An extra special treat this Thanksgiving was the time I spent with my infant nephew on his first Thanksgiving.  It's so exciting to see him standing up!  It's a wonderful gift to be able to see a child developing from month to month, but an even more special gift to see it in your own family.

Next, was the pure love that my other nephew and my son have for each other.  "Fumble"  and "Boing"  were the main games.  These were created on the fly.  What fun to watch!

Lastly, we had a chance to spend some one-on-one time with my brother-in-law, sharing a home cooked meal; it was simple and nice.  The sweetest part of the evening was that he saved two Christmas specials for my son to see. And watching him and my son bond even more than before ... priceless!
There were many moments with each family member.  Too numerous to mention.  Brief snapshots fill my memories.  Yes, I am thankful for so much.  We often take for granted the simple blessing of spending quality time with each other.
Oh & yes ... my mother-in-law made a killer turkey with all the trimmings!  Left-overs were awesome.
What were you thankful for?  What about the kids?  Did you ask them?  It's never to late to look back and give thanks.  As for me, this Thanksgiving, I was thankful for good food, family, love, and memories.

Labor Day Fun: Staycation!

The Labor Day Weekend is here. Fun is on the horizon. But how? You used to vacation on this long holiday weekend, but now you can’t. Maybe it’s because of the economy; times are tough. Or maybe travel isn’t as fun as it used to be. Or the idea of going through another search at the airport is not appealing to you, especially with kids and all their gear in tow. Maybe you’re simply tired and just don’t want to pack or travel.  So, how can you still have fun, locally, happily, and on a budget? Staycation!

Everyone is being affected. So what can you do with your family that won’t cost much & will still allow you to enjoy? Enjoy the local fun. You can make it special.  Most of us are so busy day to day that we don’t ever seem to enjoy what’s in our very own backyard.

Some helpful hints for how to handle your Staycation:
Plan each day:
Without a plan, you will not have any fun, as your household chores and other life obligations will take a priority. This could leave you and your family feeling stressed instead of gaining the needed rest.

Don’t over plan:
Leave a day open “to do nothing”. Over-planning each day can lead to overload.

Meet a few obligations:
Set aside specific times for chores, banishing them at all other times. After all, you wouldn’t be able to clean house or garage if you were away, would you?

Schedule some alone time:
It can be a simple pizza night with a movie rental and a glass of wine. Or get a babysitter for just two hours. Whether you are a single parent or a couple, you can enjoy two (2) hours of “me” time. Then, you’ll return a happier parent. Life is what you make of it. Many times, we forget enjoy the simple things.

Some low budget ways to have fun
Ride bike trails, use public parks, play in your own backyard:
The family will remember the good times when you played with a frisbee, football, hula-hoops, badminton, and water slides or sprinklers.  Maybe you can even do a treasure hunt!

Scrapbooking, arts & crafts, other hobbies, and board games:
The kids will love this family time.  Kids love pictures of themselves.  You can do all sorts of activities with this.  Be creative!

BBQ Party with just a few friends:
Keep it simple so you can enjoy. If you make it big, you’ll be knee deep into clean up, asking yourself, ‘What was I thinking?’

Other possible affordable fun activities
Movies – Consider a matinee.
Local amusement park

Keep in mind that this is a lot cheaper than a traditional vacation in which your expenses can include flights, hotel, car rentals, gas, and dining. It also saves you a lot of time and stress, as you won’t be packing or planning for the getting away. After all, if you plan it right, you can have fun and get away right in your own back yard.

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy the special rare treat of extra time with your love ones. After all, it’s about spending quality time with your family and loved ones.  In the end, it’s the only thing that matters.

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