Addictive Games | Disney's Where's My Water?

It started out as a cute Disney game app.  "Where's My Water?" quickly became an addictive game.  Poor underground Swampy needs a bath.  A network of pipes, water, steam, mud, locks & so many more obstacles have to be manipulated in order for him to get his much needed water.  It's a wonderful puzzle for your brain.  Over time, Mystery Ducks and Cranky's Story (in picture) have been added.  Good news is that it keeps my child thinking.
Bad news is ... I wish I could play.  Alas, he comes first.  So, when he plays, I live vicariously through him.  Angry birds didn't get me, but Swampy ... there's no other like him.  Do you have any addictive games you'd like to share?
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